How this service works: The latest Microsoft products require frequent updates and maintenance, our tech team at Zayax will make sure that these upgrades are done seamlessly so that you or your company can benefit from the latest improvements, features and security protocols.

windows and microsoft office upgrades by zayax in south africa
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  • Using older versions of a Windows operating system is a major security risk. Microsoft has discontinued support for many of the older Windows operating systems and strongly recommends Windows 10 with the latest updates installed. We at Zayax will assist you or your organization in licencing Microsoft products with genuine activation keys to avoid disruptions.
  • The common variants when selecting Microsoft Office packages are Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Professional Plus. The 365 package needs to be renewed annually whilst Professional Plus has a once-off license which costs more as a result.
  • While updating or upgrading these products may provide new features and enhanced security, the downside is all the old update and temporary files created which causes fragmentation and slows down the operating system over time. The maintenance conducted by us at Zayax will help enhance user experience and avoid such issues.

Should you be interested in Windows and Microsoft Office upgrades by Zayax for your company, you may contact the Zayax support team and speak to our experts who will assess your needs and provide you with a suitable solution or check out more of our services which features our free advertising platform ZA Classifieds.

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