How this service works: Zayax will assign a qualified technician equipped with the basic IT tools and implements to be sent to your physical location who will then assist you with all of your IT-related needs.

onsite support by zayax in south africa
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  • Benefits of Onsite Support: This service involves face-to-face interaction. End-users generally feel more comfortable asking an onsite technician with assistance for issues which are often disregarded. This may lead to the early detection and resolution of possible threats or failures dormant on a system.
  • Onsite support allows the technician to have an idea of an organization’s IT infrastructure. This knowledge is especially beneficial when dealing with a large network. When equipped with a good understanding of the network, a technician may be able to diagnose issues and implement resolutions faster. This also enables the user to monitor the progress of resolving the issues experienced.
  • Onsite support promotes pro-active communication which could mean quicker resolutions. For example, if a technician diagnoses a hardware failure on a PC unit, this diagnostic result is communicated with the relevant parties whilst the technician is onsite. Thus, the decision to replace the faulty unit can be done almost immediately.
  • Although remote support services has gained great popularity in the business environment since the start of the Covid19 pandemic which allows technicians to resolve some of the client’s issues seamlessly using just their expertise and a simple remote support tool or setup, not all problems can be solved this easily. In some cases, a problem can only be resolved by having an IT technician physically present at the hub of the issue. Take hardware-related problems as an example, these issues can only be diagnosed and resolved when a technician has physical access to the hardware itself.
  • Onsite support is especially beneficial when setting up a new office and upgrading your company’s network infrastructure.

Should you be interested in engaging onsite support for your company, you may contact the Zayax support team and speak to our experts who will assess your needs and provide you with a suitable solution or check out more of our services which features our free advertising platform ZA Classifieds.

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