How this service works: We will recover your lost data from various types of media storage devices. Files that have been “permanently deleted” or even complete partitions that have been formatted can also be recovered by us. Our technicians can repair your corrupt Microsoft outlook data files and help restore Outlook autocomplete information.

data recovery by zayax in south africa
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  • As technology advances we begin to rely heavily on different forms of digital storage devices. From the floppy disk`s ability to store a mere few megabytes, to a tiny micro SD card that’s capable of holding up to 256 gigabytes of data, all that achieved in a span of less than two decades. Though these advancements have enhanced our lives in many ways, the trouble we`re often faced with is data loss. Data loss can occur from frequent power failures and surges or files that have been deleted either mistakenly or maliciously.
  • It is best practice to maintain a regular backup of all your data in order to avoid going the route of recovery. Backups can simply be restored while a recovery is often time consuming and costly. Data recovery should only be used as a last resort when all other efforts of restoring data have failed.
  • When you find that you can not restore your data you need to seek professional assistance immediately as continued use of the storage device would make the process of recovery even harder.

Should you require a data recovery by Zayax, you may contact the Zayax support team and speak to our experts who will assess your needs and provide you with a suitable solution or check out more of our services which features our free advertising platform ZA Classifieds.

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