How this service works: start with personalized email accounts and a custom website by signing up with our webhosting services. This service is used by almost everyone nowadays, whether you`re a business owner or an individual it is a requirement in order to acquire a sense of professionalism. Switching to E-commerce can help your business function even during a disaster like the Covid19 pandemic.

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  • Personalized email accounts create an established and authentic impression to customers, clients or even potential clients by legitimizing your online presence. A personalized email account allows you to select a custom domain name with the freedom to choose your own usernames whereas your free accounts won`t allow you to select a custom domain name and has limitations on usernames. These free accounts are limited by mailbox size which is the maximum amount of mail an account can store and do not offer as much security features in comparison with the protection offered by a personalized email account.
Personalized Email AccountProsCons
legitimizes your online presence*
custom domain name option*
freedom to choose your own usernames*
enhanced security and spam protection*
larger mailbox size*
costs money*
Pros and cons of a using a personalized email account
Free Email AccountProsCons
poor online presence credibility*
default domain name*
limitations on usernames*
basic security*
limited mailbox size*
free of charge*
Pros and cons of a using a free email account
  • Web-space for creating a website can be quiet a confusing process when you decide to go premium. Thankfully our experts can help you make your transition a fluid one. If you`re a business owner or professional and want to be taken seriously by portraying an authentic impression to the world then going with a paid plan is compulsory. The future of business will depend more on E-commerce websites rather than physical stores which will encourage more online transactions. What this means is an elimination of monthly expenses for business owners and a safer environment for consumers during the Covid19 pandemic. It will ensure your business survives and continues to function during another national lockdown emergency even if your business falls under the non-essential category.

Should you be interested in using personalized email accounts or require a custom website for your company, you may contact the Zayax support team and speak to our experts who will assess your needs and provide you with a suitable solution or check out more of our services which features our free advertising platform ZA Classifieds.

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