How this service works: The benefits of vpn coupled with remote desktop is an option more businesses and organizations are selecting. This service ensures that employees are at a lower risk of contracting Covid19, by allowing them to connect to their office server or computers and work remotely at their convenience, thus reducing travel expenses for the employee while saving the company from having to absorb the costs of staff being present. Vpn helps keep your data secure and private while remote desktop provides the interface to connect and work from.

vpn & remote desktop by zayax in south africa
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  • Benefits of working from home for an employee would mean that because an employee is confined to their home environment there`s minimal outside contact with others thus lowering the risk of contracting Covid19, they are able to work at their convenience but retain full productivity through this service structure and best of all will save on travel expenses and reduce vehicle maintenance costs. Working from the comfort of a bed or sofa and not having to wake up hours early to prepare for work can become a dream come true for many. Lets not forget that working from home requires internet access this means that employees will also gain by having their company provide them with a data package.
  • Benefits of using a vpn coupled with a remote desktop service for a company might seem grim considering the new expenses and obligation to employees but that isn`t the reality. Catering for staff itself is a pricy affair which is majorly overlooked due to it being categorized as petty expenses, however these are expenses which when added up can be quiet substantial as there’s a lot to consider at the office like restocking daily kitchen supplies, making sure utensils are washed and that toilets are cleaned, not forgetting the increased use of devices and facilities that add to the utility bills. Not having staff present or retaining minimal staff would mean that you can now downscale into a smaller office, reduce utilities and pay a lower rent or even no rent at all depending on the scope of work conducted. If staff had been provided with company transport or company vehicles for use of travel, that expense will also be eliminated. One of the most overlooked expenses are PPE (personal protective equipment), considering all the Covid19 regulations and the preventative measures that companies are forced to comply with, it can be easily taken for granted by staff who are abundantly provided with hand sanitizers, face masks, face shields, latex gloves, foot pump sanitizer stations and even regular Covid19 testing. Having an employee work from their home will not only reduce this cost drastically but if an employee contracts Covid19 there will be no chance of them spreading the virus to other employees or causing a disruption of work which usually results in requiring everyone to either be tested or to leave the working environment.

Should you be interested in using a vpn service coupled with remote desktop to work offsite or at multiple locations for your company, you may contact the Zayax support team and speak to our experts who will assess your needs and provide you with a suitable solution or check out more of our services which features our free advertising platform ZA Classifieds.

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